2 Day - Meeting Architecture International Masterclass (South Africa)

Monday, 5 June, 2017 - 09:00 to Tuesday, 6 June, 2017 - 18:00
CSIR ICC, Tshwane (Pretoria), South Africa
The way contemporary meetings are designed is affecting the conference industry. Meeting Architecture is about the advancement of this fledgling industry to create value for our clients. This is particularly relevant at both strategic and tactical levels to deliver effective, impactful and objective-based business and communication projects.
Meeting Architecture is a progressive discipline, the principles of which should be embraced by all who work in this environment. The 2-day International Masterclass is the first of its kind to be presented in South Africa, co-hosted by The Southern African Association for the Conference Industry in collaboration with Conference Consultancy South Africa (Pty) Ltd as part of the Event Architecture Workshop Series.
The trainer is Maarten Vanneste CMM, author of the game changing book “Meeting Architecture, a manifesto”. Maarten Vanneste has been active in the industry since 1982. His background is Meeting Design, Production, AV and Technology. In 2011, in Orlando, Florida, he was the recipient of the MPI Rise Award for Industry Leadership. He is a CMM and a CMA.
A broad range of topics around mapping objectives (Meeting Architecture Process), interaction, the toolbox, technology, hybrid meetings, co-creation, presentation improvement and more will be on the program. Much of it will be hands on or at least a demonstration of formats, techniques and tools that are used for meeting design, planning and management. This International Masterclass will be based on the highly acclaimed 5-day certificate course offered by the Meeting Design Institute that has a strong focus on objective identification, design-based-on-objectives, execution and measurements of action, impact and return-on-investment.
Meeting Architecture is the profession of designing and executing meetings, conferences and events based on measurable objectives. Meeting professionals are affected by a host of influences and are required to be at the forefront of innovation to overcome the impact of those challenges and to deliver the required and desired results. This International Masterclass will address this matter and offer solutions.
Meeting professionals from around the world, but especially from Africa and South Africa are invited to attend this International Masterclass for the following reasons:
  • To learn about the latest advancement in meeting design.
  • To learn how technology can change the way meetings are held.
  • To advance knowledge and develop skills in the discipline of Meeting Architecture.
  • To increase value for own organisations and clients.


Traveling to South Africa for this International Masterclass is not only a very affordable investment in your career and profession, but it will allow you to visit and experience one of the most beautiful countries in the world. An added advantage will be the opportunity to register for the SAACI Congress that will be held from 2-4 June 2017, immediately before the International Masterclass at the same venue and to connect with the South African industry at its core. 

Enquiries: Mrs Corne Engelbrecht  +27-12-3492301
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