3 Steps to Securing the Perfect Keynote Speaker

Every event manager knows how important having an amazing keynote speaker is for creating a great event. From former ministers to news anchors, to famous journalists or TV stars – even captains of the industry, the options for finding a great keynote speaker seem to be endless. However, finding the perfect keynote can be a challenge. Will the presenter be a good public speaker? Will the audience identify with their message? Is it a big enough name to draw a croud?

When searching for the perfect keynote speaker, there are three things to keep in mind:


1.) Will the person cover a timely topic?

Utilizing a speaker bureau can help narrow down your search and put you in touch with the right people, who cover both a timely and relevant topic.

2.) Get a big name.. but only if you can afford it

Having a celebrity keynote can help drive attendance, engagement and sponsorship to your event, so it can be worth the investment.

If you are getting a celebrity keynote, build in time for an audience meet and greet. This is not only a chance to build an added perk for your top customers and sponsors, but enables you to add in engagement options with your delegates.

3.) Have a backup plan

Flights get missed, personal lives intervene or perhaps contract negotiations fall through.

By having a list of three or four backups for the off-chance that your first choice doesn’t work out, you have someone to can fall back on.


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