5 Day - Certificate Training in Meeting Architecture (Belgium)

Monday, 26 June, 2017 - 09:00 to Friday, 30 June, 2017 - 16:00

Meeting Architecture is the profession of designing and executing meetings, conferences and events based on measurable objectives. Meeting Professionals are seeing a huge amount of technology and other innovations and the pressure to generate more results is growing.

Meeting professions should follow this training for main reasons:

  • to stay up to date on the latest in technology and meeting design
  • to open up career possibilities by adding meeting design on participant logistics work
  • learning to discuss and convince partners and clients on the relevance of meeting design
  • to discover an ongoing stream of information via several resources


The training environment in Turnhout is a large and flexible loft to allow all sorts of furniture, room layouts and meeting formats.

This unique and multidisciplinary Certification in Meeting Architecture (CMA) training includes the basic principles, all the latest innovations and incorporates essential knowledge from other industries and sciences and a toolbox to enhance meeting and event effectiveness.  The 5-Day Certificate Training in Meeting Architecture is an intense and hands-on training program on all the Meeting Architecture core elements. It brings fundamental classics like formats and techniques, creative group work, Interaction, Hybrid meetings, and more. In all these topics the latest innovations and technology are shown, demonstrated and used by the participants.

People from different backgrounds but all from the meeting industry and interested in designing better conferences and events.

Who should attend this course

Meeting planners, designers, producers, facilitators, consultants, etc. The course gives experience, innovative tools, templates, confidence and convincing language to add meeting design to the logistics conversation. It elevates meeting professionals from order takers to strategic partners.

MAP also works for suppliers such as venues, destinations etc. to make them more knowledgeable and speak the client’s language in this area.


Participants of the training in Barcelona 2016 with their certificates.


Continuing Education Hours

The Meeting Design Institute is a CMP Preferred Provider. The participants of this training will earn 28 Continuing Education clock hours on the domain B: Project Management, domain E: Human Resources, domain F: Stakeholder Management, domain G: Meeting or Event Design and domain I: Marketing as defined by the Convention Industry Council.











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