9 Killer Tips to Run Effective Monthly Team Meetings that Engage Employees

According to Pigeonhole Live, monthly meetings are a great opportunity to engage employees and further motivat them to achieve their performance goals. However, when executed poorly, they are often justa waste of time. Pigeonhole Live has compiled a list of 9 tips on how to run effective monthly team meetings:


1. Set and follow a clearly defined meeting agenda

Structure and organisation are key. A clearly defined agenda should be set and also folliowed through.


2. Always celebrate something

It can be a team success, liek a process improvement or a timely bug fix. Celebrating achievements, no matter how small, are a good way to show recognition and help your employees feel appreciated in their roles.


3. Break the monotone

When employees are not looking forward to a meeting, they are also less likely to be attentive and participative. In order to make a meeting more refreshing, you can bring snack from different cuisines each month, meet at a different venue, switch up the seating arrangements or start with a 5-minute meditation.


4. Try a new way of presenting your message

At your next meeting, try a new way of communicating your message. Instead of a one-way presentation from the team leader, adopt a fireside chat approach: Have your leader sit down with an interviewer employee for an open discussion, during which you can also invite employees to contribute their interview questions.


5. Adopt live audience engagement methods

As most of us know, audience attention plummets to near zero right at the 10 minutes mark, according to biologist John Medina. Make an effort to engage your employees throughout the meeting. For example, ask poll questions during your meeting like: "Which new initiative are you most excited about?"


6. Carve out enough time for live Q&A

Live Q&A can provide immediate gratification for employees who are able to voice their questions and feel like they are being heard.


7. Empower employees to speak up too

A live Q&A segment wil not be effective, if nobody is actually going to say anythign during that time. Tips to help your emplyees speak up at a meeting: use a live Q&A tool to collect questions, allow emplyees to submit anonymous questions and leave no employee behind.


8. Set goals for the next month, together. 

The opportunity to influence decisions realted to workplace development are important to the workers. Employees will feel more motivated to achieve the goals if they are part of creating them. 


9. Send emplyees post meeting follow-ups

After you've run an engaging meeting, deliver the full impact of what has been discussed by doing a post meeting follow-up. 


To read the full article, visit Pigeonhole Live's blog here. 



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