Accelerated Learning Course

The days of delegates passively sitting listening to speaker after speaker should be a thing of the past.  So what is the alternative?
Well there are many different things you can do to engage, inspire and encourage learning to take place but they all centre on the effective application of sound Accelerated Learning Principles.  This programme gives you a rapid, entertaining and thoroughly interactive demonstration of these principles in action so that you can apply them to the design of your meetings.
This course is ideally run for a full day for as many as 50 people - it has a minimum of 20 to be truly effective because of the interaction.
In terms of the length, it is one of those topics that can be explained in a 60 minute keynote, 2 hour workshop, half day seminar or full day - what changes is the amount of activity and interaction and the depth you go into the topics.
Experience the power and wonder of Accelerated Learning in action as a step towards understanding its implication on Meeting Architecture and discover Learning" the core principles of "Brain Based Experience an exciting and innovative Accelerated Learning programme already delivered to thousands of educational professionals across the United Kingdom. A practical and easy to access introduction to Accelerated learning suitable for those new to the concepts and those wanting to brush up on existing knowledge.
For more see attached PDF.
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