How Music 'Moves' Us: Listeners' Brains Second-Guess the Composer

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 ScienceDaily (Jan. 16, 2010) — Have you ever accidentally pulled your headphone socket out while listening to music? What happens when the music stops? Psychologists believe that our brains continuously predict what is going to happen next in a piece of music. So, when the music stops, your brain may still have expectations about what should happen next.

René Vanhove

René is a creative project manager for meetings, events and live communication. His background is theatre and René has almost 20 years of experience in the meeting industry. He has been working in Africa, the Middle East and all over Europe for corporate and institutional clients. He does conceptual work, preproduction and production / staging with a dynamic focus on shaping the client’s message into a live experience.

Science Uncovers The Truth About Subliminal Messages

One of the most famous case studies on subliminal messages happened back in 1959 when James Vicary showed a movie audience flashing images saying "eat popcorn" and "buy coca-cola". Vicary claimed that the sales of both products increased significantly as a result!

This was such a shock to the general public, and public officials alike, that it lead to subliminal messages being banned from television and radio in Australia, the USA and the UK.


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