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Designing your event for audience engagement

There are many details in planning an event, from the technical part of the job to what we often forget and which incidentally is the most important factor of every successful event – satisfaction of the guests. What makes your audience pleased in their engagement? Keeping in mind, that your audience should not only be engaged during the event, but also before as well as after. Read on to find out about what EventsAIR has in store for you to help you keeping your audience engaged.


1. Planning

Conference Pivoting: Memory, Remembering, Cues And Mnemonics

Viewing a conference presenter does not give it much sticking power in the memory to paraphrase cognitive psychologist Dr. Daniel Willingham.

Ouch, that’s certainly smacks at the primary conference education session—the traditional lecture. Viewing a conference lecture, even reviewing its recording later, leads to the illusion that the viewer knows the material because it seems increasingly familiar says Willingham (and the authors of Make It Stick.)

How Meeting Design Leads to Higher ROI

Meeting design and ROI have been buzz words in our industry for quite some time now. But is there a connection between the two? Actually, there is and it’s key to understand it to plan more effective meetings. Today I’ll show you how properly designing a meeting can lead to a higher ROI.
First of all, what exactly is meeting design?

Innovations in Meeting Design

Designing more interactive and effective meetings and events depends on how sessions and functions are designed. Not just for décor and flowers and light, but the design around the purpose - the objectives. Meeting design is therefore about designing the format, the flow, the content, the interaction and more! This is the most important evolution in our industry today.

VIDEO: Exploring Meeting Formats

Meeting formats are probably the most visible and impactful changes you can make in meetings or sessions and most of them come with zero or limited cost. Encouraging your speakers to make these changes may take a bit of effort, but once you have them on board you can transform the entire experience for everyone involved, whether that’s the participant, speaker, sponsor or organiser. 

Is Your Conference Fostering Conscious Cognitive Misers?

Are you creating intellectually lazy conference participants?  Your conference programming may harbor bias toward minimizing cognitive efforts. In other words, your conference sessions and speakers may actual curtail participants’ thinking. Your conference could be creating happy fools. These happy fools blindly respond to their own problems by erroneously using your conference takeaways as accurate solutions. They avoid thinking, reflecting, and adapting those takeaways. Then when your conference takeaways don’t work, they blame your event.


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