Production - staging,

The profession that creates a show on a stage or an experience for a group of people, using theatre, stage, light, sound, art, acting, performers, etc.

FestivalChairs served many purposes at IMEX Las Vegas...

FestivalChairs is a new MDI member and we used their corrugated cardboard chairs for our stand at IMEX America.  We stacked them as a decoration wall and took as many as we needed during presentations.

During our appointments with visitors (93 Hosted Buyers) we needed two to four. The chairs are printed based on our own design and sponsor branding.

The best of Meeting Architecture in a day

Friday, 24 January, 2025 - 10:15 to Saturday, 12 January, 2030 - 10:15
The world of meeting professionals is changing rapidly and staying up to speed becomes ever more important. Technology is changing many aspects of meeting planning and the knowledge and skills need to evolve to keep up with the new needs. The new generation of participants, the drive for more ROI, the need for business impact are just a few of the global drivers behind a drastically changing landscape.


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