ROI (Return On Investment),

Tools, knowledge, books, methods to calculate ROI up to the financial level.

Elling Hamso - Norway

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How do you know what Return on Investment your meetings and events provide to different stakeholders? Do your attendees, sponsors, exhibitors and organization get good value for their money? The European Event ROI Institute represents the ROI Institute Inc. and the Phillips ROI Measurement Model in the meetings and event industry in Europe. The Phillips model has been developed by Jack Phillips for over 20 years in the field of human relations and training. More than 2000 practitioners have been certified by the ROI Institute, including 70% of the Fortune 500 companies.

R.O.I.: Myth vs. Truth

R.O.I.—or return on investment—is a major component of event planning. A challenging priority for every event planner, it is immensely important to be able to measure R.O.I. but even more imperative to measure it well.Common challenges for event planners include knowing what exact metrics to measure, and how to effectively analyze the data afterward. No matter your relationship with R.O.I., keeping yourself educated and current on how to deliver a comprehensive and complete R.O.I.

How Meeting Design Leads to Higher ROI

Meeting design is connected to ROI and it is important to understand how we can design more effective meetings that will ultimately lead to a higher ROI. In this interview Rosa Garriga Mora, Marketing & Communications Manager at myQaa, shares some tips that will help you design more effective learning environment at your meetings and achieve higher ROI.


The Future Conference Is About Increasing Attendees’ ROI

The future conference is not about the environment, the furniture, the venue, the audio visual or the technology.

The future conference is about increasing the paying attendee’s ROI. The future conference is about helping the attendee transfer and apply their conference learning to their job.

Actually, the fundamental job of future conferences is threefold:


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