ROI (Return On Investment),

Tools, knowledge, books, methods to calculate ROI up to the financial level.

Meeting Metrics

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MeetingMetrics’ Heritage – GuideStar Research

The MeetingMetricsSM online service is based on 25 years of meeting measurement experience of its parent company, GuideStar Research.

Jack Phillips

 Author, Speaker and trainer in ROI for meetings and Events. He adapted the Phillips methodology in colaboration with MPI, to the Meeting Industry and has annual certification trainings.

ROI for Meetings and Events

When you are asked, “What is this meeting costing us and what are we getting in return?” What if your answer could contain the exact cost of the meeting and the return on investment it provided to the company. It can with the ROI Methodology and the ROI Certification workshop.

Five-Day ROI Certification Workshop

ROI Institute

ROI Institute, Inc.—a research, benchmarking and consulting organization—provides workshops, publications and consulting services surrounding the ROI Methodology™.
Our Web site allows us to distribute information and support the ROI efforts of professionals and organizations around the world.

The Value of Learning

Even the best organizations may have trouble convincing key stakeholders that learning programs add value and are vital to a company’s growth.
These professionals are faced with a common dilemma: How do you put a number value on the intangible benefits of training and development?
Now the experts on ROI and the most prolific authors in learning and development evaluation have created the definitive guide to collecting hard-to-measure data and placing monetary value on those intangible benefits.


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