Speaker Management

How to make speakers impove what they do. How to change them from speakers to session leaders. How to change every speaker,: also the new one, the not so regular speaker?

How to Get Presenters to Use Live Polls

Live polling is one of the fastest growing and most popular ways to increase audience interaction at your event.
Pre-event communication with your speakers and moderators is critical for getting the live polls integrated into their event sessions successfully.
The steps below will show you how to promote the live polls, excite your presenters and help them get people to participate.

Top motivational speaker: The Other Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson has over 30 years of strategic business, marketing and communications experience. Born in Britain, then London educated and trained in business strategy development and communication, he has worked personally with business leaders such as Richard Branson and Bill Gates, as well as with the directors of many other leading global businesses such as Microsoft, Qatar Airways and HP.

The new standard in presentation management

Slidebox was chosen as one of the top 10 innovations at EIBTM2014. And in this interview, Menno Pleij one of the founders of this start-up company, explains why they were selected.
Slidebox is all about the speaker - a new approach on presentation management applicable to all known presentation file formats, both offline (files) and online (p.e. webpages and youtube).

New MDI Member | Slidebox

Slidebox - It’s all about the speaker!
We give you a real-time overview of everything you want to know about the running sessions and their presentations. We can provide smart and reliable ways of recording, overflow streaming and digital signage, making Slidebox a one-stop-shop for all you presentation needs.


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