In2Structures. Domes: A mega Tool for the meeting industry

In2structures is a specialist design and manufacturing company, producing custom designed, portable venues for hire or sale.

The In2structures Domes differ greatly from the conventional aluminium framed structures such as marquees, due to their ability to withstand large imposed loads such as suspended equipment and high wind pressures. These structures offer an apex height equal to half the width and demonstrate exceptional safety factors.

There are no limits in locations any more to plan you meeting!

A major project, In2structures Europe is coming up.

4 Best Practices for Getting Presenters to Submit Their Materials

When it comes to getting things done on time, it’s not easy. It’s in our nature to wait until the last minute to do even the most important things like Christmas shopping or doing our taxes. And, there are many things in life we commit to, yet don’t follow through on such as: helping people move, paying bills on time or just walking the dog. We’re human, what can you expect?
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