Certificate Course in Meeting Architecture

Monday, 22 August, 2016 to Friday, 26 August, 2016

Certificate course Meeting Architecture: 5-Day training from Meeting Design Institute on Vimeo.

The Certificate Course in Meeting Architecture is a 5-day intense training on improving meetings and events. This is the most complete training available and it has an intense and hands-on program on all the Meeting Architecture core elements. It brings fundamental classics like formats and techniques, creative group work, interaction, hybrid meetings, and more. In all these topics the latest innovations and technology are shown, demontrated and used by the participants.

MORE DETAILS & REGISTRATION: https://en.xing-events.com/CMA-5D.html



Meeting professions should follow this training for main reasons:

a) to stay up to date on the latest in technology and meeting design

b) to open up career possibilities by adding meeting design on participant logistics work

c) learning to discuss and convince partners and clients on the relevance of meeting design


In small groups, the CMA students work on a future project from one of the students that gets presented on the last day.





The three main pillars  

  1. PROCESS: The Meeting Architecture Process (MAP) including the ROI methodology (how to work with the meeting owner end the other stakeholders to come to an innovative and successful design)
  2. TOOLBOX: The Toolbox for meeting design: formats, experts, art, AV tools, technology... (What to use and what to do to make the design come to live and make an impact)
  3. SCIENCE: Sciences and other important meeting design components like Interaction, hybrid, social media, content capturing, production, ... (What crucial things on human psychology to remember when selecting tools or formats and helping speakers to improve)

The training environment in Turnhout - a large and flexible space to allow for all sorts of furniture, room lay-outs, and meeting formats.



The Meeting Design School in Turnhout sits next to a warehouse full of meeting design tools. Not only Advanced AV including the Catch-box and the necklace microphone and ICT including the latest devices, but also very unique tools like virtual presence robots like the Double and Kubi.

The training is very much hands-on with unique and up-to-date tools and technology.



The Meeting Architecture Certificate Course

This course is the highest level training in Meeting Design. At the end the participants get a certificate and are eligible to obtain 32 Continuing Education Clock Hours (CEs) for the Certified Meeting Professional (CMP) designation or re-certification.

The Meeting Architecture course can lift meeting professional comunities to the next level

The Meeting Design Institute has been organising education programmes for meeting professionals for the past 10 years and has a community that gathers the most creative and forward-thinking professionals and experts of the Meetings Industry. The Meeting Design Institute is a CMP Preferred Provider.




The Meeting Design Institute is based in Turnhout - Belgium and the course and hotel are in the same city, close to Antwerp and in between Brussels and Amsterdam. It is easy to reach via several Airports: in Belgium Brussels: Brussels South Antwerp. In The Netherlands: Amsterdam or Eindhoven. 

This 10th century mote sits in the center of Turnhout at about 5 min walking distance, between the MD school and the hotel. 


For convention bureaus:







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