First full time Meeting Architect hired

Geneva, Switzerland, January 19, 2016 – The congress sector is undergoing many changes and there is more pressure than ever to deliver more effective and creative events that continue to attract many delegates.  That is why Kenes Group, a leading Professional Conference Organizer (PCO) and Association Management company, took a major step into advancing the PCO field by adding a Meeting Architect to its roster. By recognizing the need for a more strategic approach to meeting design and adapting quickly to the increasing demands of the industry, Kenes once again proves to be one of the most forward-thinking companies in the field.

Meeting Architect was a term first pinned by Maarten Vanneste in his book “Meeting Architecture – a Manifesto” in 2008. Since then the terminology and the idea have taken roots within the events industry, yet the concept is still making its way in the minds of the meeting owners. Meeting Architects are professionals focusing on the meeting objectives, the content, formats and designs, and the conceptual and practical motivation of participants. The main responsibility of the Meeting Architect is to increase the effectiveness of meetings by aligning the goals with the design and enhancing the delegate experience, while assessing the results to keep improving.

Rosa Garriga Mora – a well-known professional in the industry, has been appointed to the position of Meeting Architect at Kenes. Rosa joins with considerable experience – she has worked at the Event ROI Institute, coached companies and associations in the implementation of the ROI Methodology, setting objectives and measuring results. Rosa has also worked as a trainer and consultant on numerous projects related to meeting design. “We are very excited to take this step at Kenes. We feel Rosa has the right experience that can improve Kenes service, but more importantly help our clients and their events grow. With the fast paced world we live in, we want to give our clients added value, better results and empower them to achieve more” commented Ori Lahav, Associate VP Marketing at Kenes Group.

This is a historic news! Rosa Garriga Mora is now the first person to be hired for a position as described in the ‘Meeting Architecture, a manifesto’.  Rosa will fully focus on managing the whole Meeting Architecture IDEA job description: Identify objectives, Design the meeting, Execute innovation and Assess the ROI. Congratulations Kenes and good luck Rosa!” shared Maarten Vanneste, CMM, CMA and author of ‘Meeting Architecture’.

With this move Kenes strengthens its core goals - to be the leading provider of global meeting and association management services, excellence in planning, and always skilfully managed and memorable events for its clients.
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