The FRESH awards

The FRESH conference hands out the unique awards for excellence in meeting design.

This is to encourage the efforts of start-ups and applaud the work of the more established. FRESH has growing number of awards in categories as The Meeting Design Tool of the year, The start-up of the year, the Art in meetings award, the best technology tool, etc. The FRESH team is happy to hand out some real and unique statues to the award winners.

The AWARD event
The FRESH awards are part of the FRESH conference. The award process is led by an Award chair - Gerrit Heijkoop. With the support of a jury and the FRESH participants a choice is made from a shortlist. The Awards are anounced and handed out as part of the closing session.


NEW in 2015
The FRESH awards will grow in numbers. 
 We had 2 awards in the past and will now have 4 awards.
Besides the exhisting awards for 
1) Best tool award will be handed over by tbd
2) Best session award will be handed over by Pierre Fernandez, MPI
The 2015 award also include:
3) the award for an expert in the field of meeting design. This can be a facilitator, a producer, a planner, an organiser or an ROI specialist. will be handed over by Carolyn Clark, PCMA
4) the  ART in meetings award will be handed over by Franck Barbaras, Hesperia Tower Hotel.
5) The startup Award will be handed over by tbd
6) on possible 6th award is tbd

Also new are the Award Statues; origial works of art.

The AWARD statues
the award statues are original and unique pieces of art. They are made by the Belgian sculptor painter Marc Janssens, ° 02.03.1969
"Marc Janssens gives form to a different kind of change, a mutation touched by poetry, a dreamworld where man and object have become one. He makes a puzzle with fine fingers and radars, wings that are membranes, miniscule engines with dust, backed into rust.

He designs little cyborgs that have become one with an airplane that will not take off and figures that stand up and want to bring motion into bizarre artificial limbs. With ceramic and pulverized materials he embroiders humanoid that have
escaped out of the caves of a centurie old ritual. (Hugo Brutin)

The Meeting Design Awards are sponsored by the IMEX 
Group. 2015 is the first time a sponsor gets involved. This helps the FRESH team to make the awards more professional and valuable. The awards were a framed certificate but in 2015 the award certificates are accompanied by a small staue - an unique work of art.


The first award was handed out by Ellng Hamso to Kristine Nygaard from Kiss the fog, Denmark. It was the award for the best tool in Meeting design.

the FRESH conference handed out two awards.
One for the best tool was won by Mike Caoumans from Sendsteps, for their technology tool that drives interaction at meetings and events.
Two for the best session design was won by Erik de Groot from Mind meeting for a creative and interactive session that put a real person under a sheet in the centre of the participants.

the best tool award went to Peter Komornik from Sli.Do for a simple stand alone Phone app for interactrion. The best session award was won by Martijn Timermans from the Red line poroject.


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