Learn more on an empty stomach?

Researchers from the Yale School of Medicine discovered in 2006 that Gherline, a hormone secreted by an empty stomach not just triggers the hunger signal to the brain. In Mice (plural of mouse, nit as in MICE industry) that hormone also resulted in better learning and remembering.  This makes sense: when you are hungry, as an animal, you go look for food, and it is crucial that you are able to remember where there is food to e found. If you don’t, you die; natural selection. If you want to remember more form the sessions at a conference, you better attend on an empty stomach. 

This research is contradicted by the effect of Leptine, a hormone that tells your brain you have had enough to eat. This hormone also has been shown to improve the ability for brain cells to create connections, which is how we create memories. So if you learn better on an empty or a full stomach, science has not reached consensus yet.
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