ePosters without expensive hardware - easy to create, interact with and share

Kubify is an ePoster technology company founded in 2018. Learning Toolbox is our platform providing an exciting new ePoster solution for conferences and workshops.







Benefits for event organisers – Our ‘Bring Your Own Device’ (BYOD) approach means there is no expensive hardware to hire. Conference participants use their own phones to scan the QR codes on the miniposters that will then allow them to view and explore the full ePoster. These mini-posters are created automatically by Learning Toolbox and can be displayed in smaller, more central spaces. Event organisers can therefore consider a much wider variety of conference venues. Learning Toolbox also gives organisers a management tool to support the ePoster authors throughout the ePoster creation process. Alternatively, we can ourselves provide a bespoke support service, including an onsite helpdesk.









Benefits for authors – Authors no longer pay to print and transport large paper posters, but instead easily create dynamic, multimedia ePosters that have high visibility at the conference. ePoster presentations take place within the conference as well, so face-to-face discussion is not lost. Additionally, each ePoster has its own communication channel, so that messages, comments and questions are attached to the ePoster itself. ePosters can be easily shared and updated, so that the author can connect with their audience before, during and after the conference.


Customers – We have a growing international client-base including conference organisers, training companies, universities and hospitals.

The team – Our team has more than 25 years of experience in this field. We understand this market because we have been poster authors, conference organisers and learning technologists ourselves.


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