How Meeting Design Leads to Greater Event ROI

Meeting design and ROI have been buzz words in our industry for quite some time now. But is there a connection between the two? Actually, there is and it’s key to understand it to plan more effective meetings.

In this webinar I’ll show you how properly designing a meeting can lead to a higher ROI. We’ll also review the top tools and techniques to design effective meetings and discuss what top events are doing. A live Q&A session will be included at the end.

SPINCon 2013

Join your senior-level industry peers at the award-winning event designed exclusively BY and FOR veteran planners!

We looked far and wide, and we chose Atlantic City for several reasons.

Following SuperStorm Sandy, we knew that we could make a different by helping to revive meetings and tourism to the area.

5D Meeting Architecture boot-camp

What is the 5 Day Meeting Architecture training...?

5 Day Meeting Architecture boot-camp South America The 5 Day Boot-camp Meeting Architecture is an intense and hands-on Training programme on all the  Meeting Architecture core elements. It totally focuses on Objective based design of meetings.
People that join this training are meeting planners, meeting designers, meeting producers, etc.