Do Events Dream of Electric Participants?

If attendees were robots, a good programme would be all that was needed for a successful event. This is obviously not the case. For a great event we want engaged participants, and to create engagement we need to gear ourselves towards human interaction. With the right technology and approach we can create attractive event environments where relationships, serendipitous discoveries and success stories are not a by-product, they are the goal.

Learning Outcomes:
1) Bringing together business, relationships and pleasure
2) Making 3,000 people feel like 300

Meeting Architecture education in Harley Davidson land…

Milwaukee, Wisconsin is the town where Harley Davidsons are constructed and the Harley Davidson Museum is located. Coming from Belgium, I found this a quit pleasant city with nice people, cool restaurants and amazing architecture. Even Santiago Calatrava has an impressive building by the sea. It is the Milwaukee Museum of Art and the building spreads its wings when the sun shines.