All Conference Attendees are Not Created Equal

Attracting premium attendees is one of the most complex and important keys to your conference's business model. But once you peel back the layers, it may be that the majority of your attendees don't have the buying influence to support the growth of the exhibit, sponsor, and/or grant components of your revenue machine.You need a process to help you determine who your attendees are and how attracting premium segments will help attract secondary segments.

IMEX14 report

Our team is just back from busy IMEX14, it was great to meet some of you there! Read a short report on what happened at IMEX14 around meeting design.

Our new name is a top news – from now on you call yourself a member or a friend of the Meeting Design Institute. It’s a small change but it has a big impact. To reinforce this message, we had developed an exciting program at IMEX14 with more than ever educational sessions, networking opportunities and showcasing inspiring new trends and solutions.