Five Social Media Tips to Promote your Next Event

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When using it correctly, Social Media can be a very powerful and cost-efficient way to promote your event. Use these five social media tips to promote your next event. Read on for five tipps on how to promote your next event through social media. Brough to you by Trippus.
1. Create a Hashtag
A unique hashtag for your event can enhance social buzz and increase participation. Make sure to keep the hastag short, relevant and unique.
2. Use It!
Promote your hashtag in your event website, dedicated emails and social networks. The hashtag is a great way for your attendees to engage with the event content, speakers and each other. Watch what is trending around your event and get relevant feedback.
3. Make the Attendees Your Biggest Promoters
Encourage attendees to leverage their social networks to help spread the word. Share their updates, start a dialog and engage them in conversation. They already have loyal fans and are admired in their industry.
4. Create Challenges
Engage your guests before the event. Contests, interesting facts and other shareable content are great, indirect ways to promote your event. Get creative by offering discounts or broadcast cureated streams using your twitter hashtag.
5. Use Your Networks
Create a LinkedIn Group and a Facebook Page for your event. Post topics including activities, photos, spcial guesters, speakers etc. Organically growing an attendee community on these networks means higher sharability for you event.
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