How to budget effectively for your events

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When it comes to organising an event, working inside a tight budget can sometimes seem limiting. But Interactio wants to share 5 tips with you in order for you to see how having a strict budget can really stimualte your creativity and help you deliver the best results.


1.) Identify the main value drivers for your event audience

Reach out to your clients for some feedback if this is not clear. The more data you have, the clearer you will be able to understand your client's needs. 


2.) Save on interpreting costs

By using apps like Interprefy for remote simultaneous translation, you do not ahve to rent or buy traditional interpretation hardware or fly in interpreters.


3.) Plan ahead

Book speakers and venues early on and embrace digital tools


4.) Use effective marketing channels

Involve your audience by utilising the combined social media power of your event attendees. Track your results, print less and build customer profiles in order to send out the right marketing for each delegate.


5.) Creativity does not have a price tag

Give yourself the freedrom to explore new solutions. You might just discover some ways to improve your event management process that will cut our budget and deliver even better events.


To read about all tips, visit Interactio's blog here. 


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