Let's play the badge!

Badges are a conference’s must-have, the oldest, easiest tool to facilitate networking at the conferences. When looking at improving networking at your next meeting, why not to start with innovating the tool you already have in place?




At the MICE Party, the networking event for 800 Belgian MICE professionals we were asked to come up with a short ice-breaking activity for attendees. When designing the onsite services experience we came up with an idea of the Badge Networking Game. It’s easy to introduce, fun for people to play and it comes at no extra cost as you’re using badges for it!  Ready?
800+ Event Professionals have played the Badge Game at the MICE Party.



Rules: We randomly assigned one part of the circle to each participant and print it visibly on his badge. The goal is to form a group of four attendees with all four different parts of the logo.
Time: 10-15min, depending on the size of the group


Here are 3 essential things to make the game successful

1. Communicate the rules
Make sure you find the right moment in your event programme and schedule the game in! It's important you communicate the game rules clearly to everyone, so announcing them from the stage is a good idea. And the most important: give participants time to enjoy the game, no rush, it's all about networking!
Badges are easy & low-cost tools to facilitate networking at your event.
2. Use Visuals
Using visuals is a great way to make the game rules simple and quick to understand for everyone so don't forget to print them on the badge! It will also be useful to put up a slide on the screen with all instructions.  Do not over complicate game rules, it's about having fun!
Don't forget to put on the slide with the badge rules on the screen.
3. A nice prize spices up the game… and increase the competition!
We all know that the engagements rise with the prize so make sure you think about it in advance. It doesn't need to be big, but it's important you mention that there's the prize when explaining the game rules, surely you will have more people participating!
At the MICE Party we decided to award the three fastest teams of four that came on stage but you have all the flexibility!
The fastest 3 teams of 4 won the prize!
Badge gamification? Yes, you can and most of these solutions come at no extra cost. The only thing that stops you is your creativity!
This article was written by Dominika Fudala - Event Project Manager at ROCME & Fielddrive


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