Multi-Event Management and Personalisation Platform - Eventfolio

We would like to introduce to you our new member, Eventfolio. Eventfolio offers a series of standard event management tools such as an event website builder and email marketing platform, with attendee profiling and personalisation. eventfolio is based on years of experience building bespoke integrated event systems, predominantly for the membership association sector. The platform is ideally suited to clients managing and marketing multiple events to a large number of repeat delegates.




The event technology is easy to use and you will have one single place to capture your events. Marketing automation tools are made simple, as Eventfolio uses customer data and filters to make automation easy.

Eventfolio is a platform, where all your spreadsheets, systems and tools can be found in one place. You will only need one system to manage your events, market events and speak to your customers. 


With Eventfolio you can create areas that show different content based on the user's profile, seamlessly add registration pages, so attendees won't be redirected to third party sites and automate your website, email and social marketing, so attendees get a personalised experience from sign-up through onsite arrival. 




Feel free to reach out to Eventfolio for more information:


Contact Person: Scott Cole

Call contact person: +44 203 858 7259

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