Five Ways Technology Can Help Measure Event Success

How do you measure the success of your event? It is difficult to design a tangible and reliable measure of event success. However, the growth and advancement of technology has enabled event managers to assemble an array of highly accurate, knowledge-based data to determine whether or not an event was successful.

Eventtia has summed up the top five ways technology can help measure event success:

How to avoid frustrating your attendees and ensure a valuable event experience

Designing a good event experience involves complexity and knowledge. This is not a task that is easily achieved and it will take time to master this aspect of planning events.

Besides logistics of an event, designing a worthy event experience and avoid frustrating your attendees is key.

Photo by Howard Brundett

So, what makes an event experience valuable?


Cvent CONNECT Europe 2018

Cvent CONNECT Europe 2018 is taking place from 1-2 October 2018 at The Business Design Centre in London, UK. Join over 700+ meetings and events professionals.

This year, attendees will have a selection of 60+ sessions that will train, educate, motive and inspire. The sessions have been grouped into five different categories:

Multi-Event Management and Personalisation Platform - Eventfolio

We would like to introduce to you our new member, Eventfolio. Eventfolio offers a series of standard event management tools such as an event website builder and email marketing platform, with attendee profiling and personalisation. eventfolio is based on years of experience building bespoke integrated event systems, predominantly for the membership association sector. The platform is ideally suited to clients managing and marketing multiple events to a large number of repeat delegates.



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