Event Self-Printing Badge Kiosks, Pronto!

Want to make the start of your next event an experience, not a process? You're not alone. Since CrowdComms launched their Pronto! event self-printing badge kiosks, they have been overwhelmed by the demand from event organisers who are passionate about giving their event a great start. The kiosks have featured at events right across the country. They are easy and fast to process, reducing queues and delighting attendees in every state and territory. 


Can you create a budget with an event app?

The efficient allocation of event budget is a constant challenge for event organisers: Event hough event budgets are expected to remain steady or even rise in teh coming 12 months, more than 60% of event professionals name budgeting as their biggest challenge in 2018. While the implementation of an event appis a must-have these days, the choice for teh right app can make all the difference!


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