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Elling Hamso - Norway

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How do you know what Return on Investment your meetings and events provide to different stakeholders? Do your attendees, sponsors, exhibitors and organization get good value for their money? The European Event ROI Institute represents the ROI Institute Inc. and the Phillips ROI Measurement Model in the meetings and event industry in Europe. The Phillips model has been developed by Jack Phillips for over 20 years in the field of human relations and training. More than 2000 practitioners have been certified by the ROI Institute, including 70% of the Fortune 500 companies.


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The first fresh award was won by Kristine Nygaard from Kiss The Frog, a Danish Graphic Facilitator. The Fresh award promotes tools and services that increase meeting effectiveness. Read more in the attached report. For an interview see attached report, for picture see attached pictures.

also  the FRESH website   

see VIDEO of the ceremony (10min)

Julius Douwes

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Julius Douwes is a 36 years old production manager, with skills all over the world in production, technical processes and creative solutions.
Julius worked in all areas of the event industry, technical, producer B2B, congresses, festivals indoor outdoor, parties,UN conventions and a lot more.
With the Access All Areas company Julius is starting to focus only on the highest level of production support at the event & meeting industry.

Tactile Sensations Influence Social Judgements and Decisions

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ScienceDaily (June 25, 2010) — Psychologists report in the journal Science that interpersonal interactions can be shaped, profoundly yet unconsciously, by the physical attributes of incidental objects: Resumes reviewed on a heavy clipboard are judged to be more substantive, while a negotiator seated in a soft chair is less likely to drive a hard bargain.


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