Warm feeling inside…

People like people more when holding a warm cup of coffee in their hands.
This effect of warmth was researched by the University of Yale. A group of students was given a warm cup of coffee and another group a cup of ice coffee. Shortly thereafter the students were confronted with pictures of people and asked to judge them. The Students that had held the warm cup judged more friendly and warmer about the presented pictures than those that held the cold cup. In a second experiment the subjects held an icepack or a hotpack in their hands. And after the experiment they got a gift certificate they could keep or give away. The tested individuals that held the hotpack significantly more often gave it away and the once holding the icepack preferred more often to keep it. Brain research may explain this, touching cold or warm objects activate an area in the brain that also plays a role when you determine whether or not you can trust a person.
(Science, October 2008)
What a devastating effect on the networking (including building trust) cold drinks must have at meetings and conferences! Should we not always have coffee 'at hand' permanently? And the temperature in the rooms can be devastating cold, like I experienced many times in large conference centres. Cold is also know to have a distracting effect, therefore obstructing the learning.
Coffee is also know to be effective for increased, prolonged concentration.
The large coffee brands will like this, but let’s hope the conference venue’s will serve Illy or Lavazza, not Starbucks!
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