Why engagement won’t be enough in 2019

Time and time again, keynote speakers are holding their sessions about one central objective: engagement. Event audiences in the past were merely passive spectators, but today, with sophisticated technology available at our fingertips, we need to engage attendees. Apps, slide sharing software and passive engagement technologies are the isntruments PCOs have at their disposal to boost engagement. The client’s expectations is to have some guidance as to which technologies to pack into their event in order to maximise the number of interactions. 


Has the industry already lost its way in its quest for engagement?

There is a huge pressure for organizers to understand the technology landscape, which is littered with thousands of apps. The issue is that at event several apps are being used, requiring attendees to scroll through digital distribution platforms and then search for specific information within the app at any event. While some would argue, this fosters engagement, others would say this is a type of distraction.

So, how can event professionals embrace technology effectively at their events?


Build a vision for your event – the technology will follow

If 2018 was the year of engagement, 2019 will be the year of immersion. Any successful brand will be able to communicate its values clearly and succinctly to maintain its relevance and vitality in our fast-moving world through story telling. In the same way, every event needs to tell a story, if we want real engagement at the emotional level. Events will need to convey a consistent and coherent set of values at each step of the planning process.


There are several questions you can ask yourself in order to create a story for your next event: Why is the event taking place in the specific location? How are your speakers and performances relevant to the overarching message you are trying to convey? Are you taking into account your audiences specific needs and do you have a diversity policy to cater for the cultural and linguistic backgrounds of your audience?


If these questions are addressed in the planning stage of the event, the right technology can be found to accommodate the different needs of the event. Turn your next event into a journey and show the audience that you have thought about them. That will create an immersive journey for your attendees that will be remembered.


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