Meeting Architecture is the discipline of designing and executing meetings and events based on measurable objectives in order to improve the learning, networking and motivation of participants. The goal is to transform the participants' professional action, leading to impact and improving ROI.The illustration below is a representation of the building blocks of Meeting Design:

Like an architect that helps the house owner to build a house, a meeting architect helps the meeting owner to build a meeting in four phases: 
  • Identifying the meeting objectives
  • Designing the meeting based on those objectives using a "Meeting Design Toolbox"
  • Executing the meeting
  • Assessing the measured end-results and reporting
The Meeting Design Institute organises customised training courses for meeting professionals. If would you like to know more about our training programmes or organise a training for your company or organisation please contact us.

New course by Matey Events - Event Psychology Lab

An online course on applying scientific insights in events has launched.
Event Psychology Lab - Use Science to Create Great Events is the first ever online course aimed to help event professionals create impactful, engaging and memorable event experiences by applying insights from psychology, neuroscience and behavioral science in event planning.

How to Develop a Backup Plan for Your Virtual Event

“If anything can go wrong, it will go wrong…and at the worst possible moment.”
Many planners already build a Plan B just in case Murphy’s Law strikes for their in-person events and meetings. But as the world has shifted to everything online, it’s just as essential planners have backup plans for their virtual events too.


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