Getting to know our members - Conference Compass

Interview with Jelmer van Ast, Founder and CEO at Conference Compass

Based in The Hague, Netherlands, Conference Compass develops corporate and association apps for events. With their Society App, event planners can build their connections across multiple events increasing their mobile community with each event, large or small. We spoke with Jelmer recently about how he has built their own internal corporate culture within Conference Compass by focusing on their objectives and results to align teams. 


Delegate Evaluations Made Easy

Open Audience always finds it incredible how delegate evaluations are often not thought of until the very end of an event. That piece of paper with feedback questions (always paper!) is handed out to the delegates just as they are putting on their coats.

Events and meetings cost money. Everybody knows that. So the question about whether your delegates were engaged is a pretty vital one. It is far too important to wait until the end of the meeting to find out. 

The Mental Toll of Overworking (And What To Do About It)

It is easy to dismiss work stress as a normal part of the job, and to some extent, it is. But compounded and chronic exhaustion may be your body's way of telling you to hit pause. Often, we find ourselves letting our work control us, instead of the other way around. As it becomes more and more of a routine, we may not see that we are no longer performing to the best of our abilities until the results of our labour speak for themselves. Ignoring your body's cries for help can lead to burnout - and this takes a toll on you both physically and mentally.


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