2020: Happy New Decade!

A new year has tiptoed in! Conference Compass would like to take the chance to wish you a great 2020 and share their vision on the future of event apps.

This year will see a strong movement to deep personalization of user experience. And because of the desire for a truly engaging and sophisticated approach, event apps will become more functional, more personal and more effective.

Conferences and events are all about networking, sharing knowledgte and enhancing ideas. So, event apps should strive to enable attendees to discover what's valuable and concentrate on what matters. Be enabling, rather than being a distraction.


Interaction: It is all about the user interface

The UI is about everything a user can see and interact with. The use of colors, use of typography and the overall layout are all key aspects.


Native apps: Bringing unbeatable user experience

International conferences and large events attract many people, coming from a variety of different countries. Many connect to the WiFi and because of this load, issues with the internet connection unfortunately still  often occur. The last thing you want from your event app is to suffer from this, which is why native apps are often the better decision as they are easily accessible, more responsive and offer better performance.


Easy navigation: Everything you need at your fingertips

The main purpose of an event app is to enable users to be more productive. It gives them plenty of ways to organise, plan and enjoy while at the event. 


AI: The future of event apps

Artificial Intelligence has created a load of buzz in the recent years and is now slowly starting to shape the event industry as well. We understand how AI has the ability to process user data, combine it with event data and real-time data from the room to make predictions about what is likely most relevant to the user. 


To find out the more trends of 2020, head over to Conference Compass blog here.

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