3 simple steps on running interactive online meetings & classes

In these uncertain and highly disruptive times an increasing number of people are working and studying from home, and meetings, classes and events are taking the leap to online.
The good news… using Vevox for an online meeting is no different to using it with an in-person audience.

For those of you that are not already using Vevox for virtual meetings, here’s our simple 3-step guide…

  1. Choose your webcasting or online meeting hosting software and invite your participants to attend your meeting.

Tip: ZoomGoToWebex are probably the most popular choices and have free accounts to get you started. In response to COVID-19 Webex are now even offering free full business licenses for 90 days.

  1. Invite your audience to participate, and view results on their phones or laptops by sharing the Vevox.app link and 9 digit ID number.

Tip: Include this information in the email or meeting request containing the video conference/online meeting instructions. Showing the ‘Present View’ or PowerPoint polling slides on screen also shares the link and ID with your audience as shown in the word cloud image below. 



To find out the 3rd tip, head over to Vevox's blog here. 

For a detailed explanation, watch this video.

Also, check out Peter Eyre, Managing Director of Vevox, LinkedIn post here


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