4 tips for comms content & effective communication in the workplacee

Creating content takes time whether you are crafting emails or intranet posts, articles or presentations. Vevox has curated 4 tips for you to make sure your internal communications content hits the mark each and every time.

1. Make the call to action clear

It is important to make sure that your purpose for your content is obvious. If you want staff to take action you need to spell it out. Examples include using a call out box or button in an email to highlight a specific hyperlink.

2. Set the tone

Think about the channel and the language you use, the method and timing of delivery and who the communciation comes from. Also bear in mind your organisations hierarchical structure.

3. Make it memorable or skim-able

If you wnat employees to respond to your communication, they need to be able to grasp the salient points and crucially remember them, so they can take action. If your campaign has a few different elements, consider breaking them up into bite sized communications over a period of time, then do a re-cap a short while later

4. Use real data from your business

People are hard wired to react if they know that a situation outcome will have an effect on them. Depending on your specific campaign, using real data shows employees that you are closely monitoring whatever you are measuring, meaning you are taking it seriously.


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