5 steps to secure buy-in from your management team for your comms tool

Securing leadership buy-in for a communication tool can be a challenge for many internal communication and HR teams. Vevox has curated 5 tips for you to secure buy-in from your management team for your comms tool.

1. Get in sync

Priorities should be in sync with your plans for suing the comms tool. Set the expectations straightaway and explain your vision for how the tool can add value to the organisation and its employees.


2. State the evidence

Leaders are naturally risk averse and need tos ee the value in making changes or using new tools, especially when it comes at a cost. Presenting the evidence for hwo the tool will be beneficial to the company and why you ahve chosen a specific supplier can help to cover off any concerns around the efficacy of a tool.


3. Cost & Benefits

Ensure you have all the information you need to present your case, this included any costs or quotes that you need from suppliers


4. Timing is everything

It is always best to start your communication early with decision makers, not only so that they feel involved in the process but also so they are aware of any plans you have gone too far down the line with any researching, testing and evaluating of a tool


5. Be open to feedback

This is crucial as it allows you to understand what your leaders are thinking and to establish if there is anything that would be a potential obstacle to buy-in. It is always best to take the direct approach and answer questions from your decision makers and handle any objections early in order to win them over.


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