6 Ways to Organise More Events Without a Bigger Event Budget

Events are perceived to be onee of thee best ways to attract and retain customers, which is why the B2B meetings and events industry is booming. But the pressure is high to benefit from this trend by organising more events, as there are only so many days in a year and calendars are already fully bookeed with well-established larger events. Cvent noticed that many have found just the right solution in smaller events, organised between the larger ones.

How do you keep up with the demands for more meetings on the same event budget without compromising the larger events and while keeping standards high? The solution is to go back to what probably attracted event planners in the first place to become one: the opportunity to be creative! Cvent has prepared solutions in marketing, talent sourcing, venue options and alternative event formats as well as negotiation, sponsorship tips and technology that can help you make the most of your budget.


1. Use Smart Marketing to Motivate Attendance

Capitalize on FOMO with exclusive opportunities, nurture your existing audience, use discount tactics, capitalize on social media, get local media involved as partners, get speakers or performers involved in the promotion.


2. Find Alternate Sourcing Ideas for Your Speakers

Hold an open call for speakers in advance, look for people who have something to sell, try local talents, offer VIP sessions with the speaker/expert, consider peripheral or interdisciplinary experts.


3. Develop Sponsorship Opportunities

Build sponsorship packages, approach local businesses, increase sponsorship opportunities.


Want to find out the rest of the tips? Head over to cvent's blog here.

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