9 Reasons You NEED a Polling App in Your Virtual Meetings

An increasing number of company internal communication meetings (all company meetings, town halls or conferences, whatever name or format they may take in your business) are being hosted partially, or wholly online using easy to implement and affordable streaming platforms like GoToWebexSkype and Zoom.

Q&A and polling through the Vevox app ensures these meetings are unmissable. Here’s how…

  1. Accessibility. Individuals may work across a variety of browsers, smartphones, tablets and laptops whether personal or company provided. The Vevox app than can be accessed on any internet enabled device.

  2. Engagement. Old style employee comms meetings have a reputation (Often rightly so!) for being boring. Whilst sometimes the content that requires covering may be unavoidably dry, interaction maintains engagement keeping people alert, feeling involved and even having fun! 

  3. Inclusion and diversity. Interaction is not restricted to those in a physical office, or a certain role, standing or experience. Dispersed workforces whether working from home or across global office locations can engage and contribute equally. Anonymity ensures the separation of the contributor from the content removing unconscious bias.

  4. Insights. Live polls provide instant understanding of both knowledge levels, and the general feeling within the business, a great 'in the moment' temperature check and reason to get engaged in proceedings. A crowd generated word cloud serves as a fantastic insightful ice breaker.

    Live Wordcloud Poll Company Culture

  5. Value of time. Multiply every minute by the number of attendees, that’s a lot of business time. To be motivated to attend the next one, all sides need to leave attendees with the feeling it’s been the best use of their time it could have been.

  • The upvoting process in the audience Q&A board allows presenters to address what the audience democratically feels are the most important questions first.
Sort by like presenter view
  • Live polls and in-app surveys provide instant feedback and higher response rates than traditional post event web or paper forms, and they can be reacted to instantly.

Live polling in virtual meeting

  1. Safe space. People ask great questions and share their ideas when there is no risk or judgement from peers or bosses. Individuals or groups of attendees (all watching the same live stream) can contribute personally and anonymously. True anonymity provides an inclusive environment that ensures more voices are heard and that every voice is equal. Anonymity and separation from systems requiring authentication also removes GDPR and data security concerns for both organisers and attendees. 


To read about the remaining 3 tips, visit Vevox's blog here.

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