What You Can Learn From the World's Largest Trade Shows

Looking to turn your small-industry trade show into a world-renowned event? In this article, brougt to you by eventtia, we explore learnings and best practices from some of the world's largest trade shows on how to organise a successful large-scale event.

What does it take to achieve world renowned recognition for your event?

8 Handy Tips to Make Those Post-Mortem Meetings Less Painful

So that project is finally over.

All the late hours and cups of coffee have led to the end of this project you and your team have poured energy into. All that's left is a dreary post-mortem meeting.

Whether your project has been a success or a failure, no one likes going over and raking up what you did - or worse, what you did badly. Post mortem meetings are essential to a company, the growth of your team and even your own personal growth. 


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