Silent Seminars: Be heard!

One of our newest members, Silent Conferences was launched in 2016. With their wireless headset technology they are reshaping the way that audio is presented within the conference and exhibition industry. Typically when audiences engage with content at a show the noise pollution from PA's is an ongoing headache for conference organisers & exhibitors alike, but Silent Conferences has found a great solution.


Audience engagement increases due to clear audio, which is unaffected by a busy show floor

Surrounding exhibitors are unaffected by noise pollution

An Engaged Audience Will Guide the Discussion

Have you ever asked yourself what the most effective way is to get an engagend audience?

Open Audience has some answers for you as we all know that it is not easy to maintain such a grip on your audience that their minds never wander at all. According to Open Audience, however, there is one simple and effective way to get an engaged audicne: enable them to actually participate in the event!

So, how can you do that?

The Attention Retention Battle: How to Win with Meeting and Event Attendees

Eight seconds is often claimed to have become the human attention span. What's important to know is that the attention span is not actually shrinking, but we are more selective in what we give our attention to. 

Prezi's research showed that 95 percent of business professionals admit to multitasking during meetings and around one third lost track or had trouble retaining information that was being discussed.

7 reasons to attend the FRESH Conference

FRESH is the first annual conference, which is focused exclusively on meeting design. FRESH is a platform for meeting design formats, innovation, interaction, experimentation and co-creation around techniques, tools and technology. FRESH helps meeting planners, designers and producers make meetings and events more effective and productive.


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