How Millennials are changing the events industry

Events and conferencing is a forever changing industry. It may always be expected to deliver content rich, insightful presentations whilst putting on an array of refreshments to keep delegates in tune. However, what impact is the Millennial generation having on the industry and how can event organisers keep up with their expectations of meetings?

Welcoming a new member: Lineup ninja

Lineup Ninja is designed to help event planners and content managers automate the many routine admin tasks associated with gathering, reviewing, scheduling and publishing their events’ content. This helps them to save time and avoid mistakes, freeing them up to concentrate on the creative and intuitive work of curating the programme and creating unforgettable experiences.

The art of conference programming, including abstract management

Shocklogic has played an active role in the events industry for over 20 years, providing innovative technology solutions for events, meetings and members.

Technology in recent years has gained domination and had a major part to play in the growth, development and feasibility of many events. With the new technological trends, and mind-boggling innovations paving the industry, it’s no wonder that there has been a huge evolution. With technology, the possibilities are endless.


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