The art of conference programming, including abstract management

Shocklogic has played an active role in the events industry for over 20 years, providing innovative technology solutions for events, meetings and members.

Technology in recent years has gained domination and had a major part to play in the growth, development and feasibility of many events. With the new technological trends, and mind-boggling innovations paving the industry, it’s no wonder that there has been a huge evolution. With technology, the possibilities are endless.

How to develop a good marketing strategy for your event?

Your event is on track? You have the location, the speakers, the website is online and ready to welcome the participants? All there is left to do is to invite them to register on your website and try to achieve maximum participation. To do this, the establishment of a communication strategy and the rollout of well-organised campaigns is of utmost importance. 

World Café – trendy buzzword or ingeniously simple concept?

What is a World-Café ?


Essentially it is a large-scale group intervention. In the systematic consultation you also speak of organisation conference formats. These aim to activate the participant's knowledge, to bring it together over a period of usually a few hours and thereby contribute to an immediate change of individual behaviour or entire organisations. 


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