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We are an operational industry and it is time to embrace that.

For over a decade we now have heard about the ‘seat at the table’, ‘strategic meeting management’, ROI etc.  All very interesting topics, but the vast majority in the meetings industry have not walked far with these things.
I believe that the explanation is simple: Meeting planning is an operational world and the hearts and minds of the people are not into C-level stuff.

Today I saw a man cry.

Today I saw a man cry.
He lost 80% of his 2009 business because of perception based postponing. He had to let go more than half his team… Clients that worked with him for a decade or so just dropped him and his entire team like a useless piece of debris.
His 20 year passion died with the brutality and senselessness of the cancellations.

Do the ‘Freudian walk’

Freud has lost some of his influence in the psychiatrist’s office. Psychoanalysis, the technique of probing long and deep into the mind of a patient is not used as much as in the 20th century. It used to be the system of interpretation and therapeutic treatment of psychological disorders. These days new techniques like Cognitive therapy have replaced the old one. Patients now hear they have to stop complaining and start running, or do other physical activities.

The business travel manager: our older brother is out-there, looking for us …

The Paragon Partnership is a group of travel management organisations including NBTA and many other international and regional organisations. The Paragon Partnership held it’s first European conference in Paris this summer and I had the privilege to speak there with Dr. Elling Hamso in a combined closing general session. He introduced ROI, I presented meeting Architecture and Elling closed off with some purchasing models. I was nervous, thinking that travel people have less of an interest in Meetings.

Dinner effectiveness with CLAMP

After a nice dinner in London last week, I’m not sure about the business model many restaurants have.

The meal was perfect and most ingredients were present to have a great dinner, but the one or two thing I feel should change to increase the dinner’s effectiveness.

The three right ingredients were a Conversation topic, a Light meal and a Private space.


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