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Meeting Support tools: CHATTY tools

When we say tools, we mean "anything we can do for or bring to" the meeting to influence the content side of it (learning, networking, motivation).
These tools can be concepts, people, creative, technical or technological tools.

Five large groups of tools are CHATTY tools:
C Concepts: - formats, techniques, methods, processes- theme, slogan, communication
H Human: - stage facilitators, speakers, actors, - backstage technicians, ...
A Art: creative, look&feel, design, photography, video

Meeting Architecture defined

A meeting architect is an individual that focuses on the potential meeting objectives, the meeting formats and designs, and the conceptual and practical building blocks to construct a meeting for better learning, networking and motivation in the participant population. A meeting architect also knows how to measure the meeting results up to its Return on Investment.
The meeting architect works in four (IDEA) phases:
- Identifying meeting objectives
- Designing the meeting to support these objectives


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