Meeting Design Toolbox for physical, online and hybrid conferences

This free catalogue contains several tools and training in Meeting Design that will help you design more effective meetings and events.
The structure of the catalogue is based on the taxonomy CHATTY from the Meeting Architecture manifesto by Maarten Vanneste. The five CHATTY toolbox chapters are: Conceptual, Human, Art, Technical and TechnologY.
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Would you like to try some of these tools? And also learn a few techniques, formats and processes to design more effective meetings? If so, watch this video about the Certificate Course in Meeting Architecture:

For suppliers:

The Toolbox Catalogue is a powerful source of information about products and services for Meeting Architecture, meeting design, meeting effectiveness, meeting content, and more.

The pages are made available to individuals (1/2 page) or companies (1/1 page) 

The distribution:

DIGITAL Made available via this MDI channels for free download and other media, social media channels, etc. (downloads from this page on January 6, 2016: 9047 copies)

PRINT: we distribute to target audiences on trade show, conferences, and training for meeting professionals




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