15 Innovations in 15 minutes IMEX America 14

At the MDI stand in Las Vegas during IMEX14 our team presented 10 Innovations.

93 Hosted buyers signed up for our presentations on meeting design.
The presentation actually contained 15 innovations so all got at least 10 new ones. 

Up to 3 planners at a time followed what they called a fascinating set of innovations.
Many of them were excited by the amount of new things they discovered in such a short time.

Sometimes passing buyers would also stop and additional presentations were done.
several MDI members with an innovative element ore a complete new tool were shown

the presentations contained practical and hands-on examples.
the catalog was handed out and
a list of all MDI members on the show, helped them to find more detailed info.

For MDI members, suppliers participating in these presentations:
This formula is the lowest entry level into the big industry shows.
If you have an innovative element in your product you can participate and get a slice of the presentation.
We alow a limited number of members to BE one of the innovatuions.
they get two slides of 30.
we present them with up to 4 key messages
we refer to a tailor made list we hand out to find more on this supplier
we refer interested buyers to a booth, in case there is one at the show at hand
the innovation suppliers that sign up for this and are alowed get the list of all participants.
we publish the presentation later for our planner database.
For more details on this formula at IMEX, IMEX America, the Meetings Show and EIBTM.
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