Azavista: Use Azavista to grow, track and boost the success of your events

Azavista is a cutting edge event management platform that provides planners with all the essentials to more efficiently handle their meetings and events. With Azavista, from just one consolidated interface, you can manage event registrations, email marketing, reporting, supplier procurement and more. Azavista also offers a native event app, as well as an advanced analytics solution and VAT refund services especially for the travel and events industry.

Custom Event Registration:
With no technical knowledge create a professional looking event website that your attendees will love. Using our drag and drop interface, Azavista empowers you to build custom registration forms that provide a better user experience and boost participant attendance. Payment processing and ticketing options are also available.

Reporting and Analytics:
With Azavista's powerful reporting and analytics tools you can seamlessly track the progress of your event, procure smarter, more efficiently manage your budget and boost total Event ROI.
Native Mobile Event App:
Increase engagement, insights and attendance with Azavista's customizable event app.
Event Email Marketing:
Design custom templates, maintain professional communication and easily measure the results.
Supplier Procurement:
With Azavista, you can access over 50,000 suppliers worldwide and send multiple requests in just a few clicks.  

JP van der Kuijl, 
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