Our short term memory is at it’s best in the morning and decreases during the day. Before lunch we are most alert and after noon, our coordination is at it’s maximum. Around 16:00 / 4pm we have our fastest speed of reaction speed and around 17:00 / 5pm our muscle strength peaks and our heart and vascular system is most efficient.   

for meeting organisers:
Organise the educational sessions in the morning and sports in the afternoon.
Put the more difficult session (technical, theoretical, …) in the morning and the lighter ones (motivational, keynote’s, …) in the afternoon.

for speakers:
Try to get the morning speaker slot 

for participants:
Choose the most challenging topics in the morning and the lighter ones in the afternoon.

Research from the Rijksuniversiteit Groningen:
About 10 to 15% of the population is an outspoken morning or evening person.
Morning people will agree easier with arguments in the morning and evening people will agree more in the evening.  
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