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The world of meeting professionals is changing rapidly and staying up to speed becomes ever more important. Technology is changing many aspects of meeting planning and the knowledge and skills need to evolve to keep up with the new needs. The new generation of participants, the drive for more ROI, the need for business impact are just a few of the global drivers behind a drastically changing landscape. Meetings and events are growing into new environments, adopting new methods and adding many things that are totally new to the job of the meeting planner.
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Objective-based meeting design is fundamental and all its components are crucial in moving forward. A Meeting Architect is a professional that masters all these elements and this one day, fast passed training brings the latest in all these components. It confronts participants with a storm surge of information, applications, tools and techniques that can be easily applied in the design of future meetings, conferences and                                           events.

The course programme

This course is the condensation of a 5-day Meeting Architecture training and comes fully loaded with short presentations, peer learning, experiences a tons of examples. The best illustrations, the latest tools and best techniques are activated to get the most out of one day. All the crucial areas of innovation and change are addressed including these: 

  1. Identifying Objectives for effective meeting design
  2. Hybrid meetings or online participants, remote speakers and more
  3. Content capturing from text reports only to full session recording and distribution
  4. Presentation improvement and speaker support,  Production and AV with new tools
  5. Interaction from enhanced Q&A to crowdsourcing technology
  6. Meeting formats and techniques, moderation and facilitation
  7. Social media, technology, networking and learning, gamification  and marketing

 The format

The day is a series of topics with a great mix of activities like listening and discussing all the way up to actually using several of the tools that are changing the very fabric of meetings. The room will provide ample possibilities for varying layouts, moving chairs as well as participants, doing test setups and experiencing meeting formats. It’s advised to bring your laptop and smartphone.

The impact

Every participant of this day will:
  • go home with dozens of applicable tools and techniques; that are often simple and low cost + additional resources
  • meet a group of international planners with the desire to change the way meetings are done;
  • develop a skillset and language that will grow influence, enhance careers and grow success.

The results

One day has never delivered such a concentrated bundle of practical innovations in such a broad spectrum of key elements in meetings design. For many meeting planners, this is the perfect way of moving forward without becoming a specialist in one area. Participants get right information to become the go-to person when it comes to improve meeting effectiveness.

About the trainers

Maarten Vanneste is active in the industry since 1982. His background is AV, Production, Technology and Meeting Design. 
As the author of the Book ‘Meeting Architecture, a manifesto’ (2008) he was the founder of a movement developing education for the discipline around meeting design. 
As a member of MPI since 1999 he was in chapter leadership for communication, education and chapter president. 
On the international front, he served several terms in Membership, communication and other committees. In 2011, in Orlando, Florida, he was the recipient of the MPI Rise award for Industry leadership.

Stefania Conti-Vecchi is the founder and CEO of EVENTagist. She works as a meeting organizer, consultant, speaker and coach closely with meeting professionals around the world providing strategies to organize more effective meetings & events. Specialized on Meeting Architecture and meeting design, her expertise and passion ranges, particularly, on applying the most innovative solutions in each single stage of the organization process.
Stefania speaks at international conferences, trade shows and training courses on Meeting Architecture, hybrid meetings, social media and creative marketing strategies, session design and all the new technological solutions that can facilitate the life of meeting professionals. She has been involved in the meetings industry for more than 20 years, being also the Director of one of the Italian Convention Bureaux.



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