EIBTM13: the FRESH track session: From Boring to FRESH!

Conference and meetings have a bad image. Although all innovation comes from people that meet, the entire world seems to fall asleep during them. Can you imagine what meetings would do to the economy and society if we could make them more attractive and effective? The FRESH conference is really all about that.

Can we go from boring to FRESH?
There are several dozens of element we can change to impact meetings and their ROI. At the FRESH conference these are all under attack and participants experience dozens of tools, techniques, formats, technology. etc.
In this presentation you get an overview of some of the most exciting innovations and experiments from FRESH13.

Stefania Conti-Vecchi from Eventagist, Italy will address the Hybrid element of on line participants and speakers plus the Social Media and how FRESH makes the tips and tricks available to you.

Simon Waddell, Meeting Architect from Switzerland will address some of the meeting formats from FRESH13. He is currently the project manager fro FRESH14 and the editor of the book on meeting formats: a project that was born through a co-creation process at FRESH13.µ

Maarten Vanneste, from ABBIT Meeting Support, Belgium will address the production, AV and technology that were used at FRESH and briefly explain the FRESH set and how it revolutionised presentations. Maarten will also zoom in to FRESH facilitation, especially the On-line facilitator for the on-line participants.

This session is a short summary of the FRESH movement that focusses on ‘designing effective meetings’ by increasing the quality in objective based meeting design.
After this session you will know enough to go back to your job and say it loud and clear: ‘No more boring meetings’.

- This session is part of the FRESH track / iZone at EIBTM13, Barcelona, Spain.
- More FRESH stuff can be found on http://www.theFRESHconference.com
- If you tweet this: pls use #EIBTM13 and possibly #FRESH14

19 Nov 2013, 14:30 - 15:30, Innovation Zone (O100)


Maarten Vanneste - President of Abbit Meeting support, CEO of the MSI (Session lead)

Stefania Conti-Vecchi -  Founder and CEO at EVENTagist
Simon Waddell - Professional meeting designer and planner

Network with the FRESH crowd at the FRESH dinner

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