EIBTM13: the FRESH track session on THE FUTURE OF MEETINGS

The Future of meetings, most of us think technology, others think back to basics, the campfire...
a long list of experts and the smart guiding hand of Thorben Grosser from Eventmobi. Very different angles by all speakers and one big Premiere preview 2050; The MyQaa research revealed by the MyQaa CEO, Richad Mitha. And who knows, a big debate may come out of these two standpoints:
-In the future most events will be replaced by an app
- In the future we will go back to basics.
To make it just that bit more interactive and experiential, ther will be time to discuss and to give your idea's via Meetingsphere.
The world's first Cyborg participant will keep an eye on the whole process.

- This session is part of the FRESH track at EIBTM13, Barcelona, Spain.
- More FRESH stuff can be found on http://www.theFRESHconference.com
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Thorben Grosser- European Business Development Manager at EventMobi (Session lead)

Maarten Vanneste - President of the MSI
Paul Nunesdea - Managing Director at groupVision 
Trevor Roald - Manager , Product Experience at QuickMobile
Stefan Uytterhoeven - Managing Director at Wales on Waves
Vincent Bruneau- Founder& Partner at Magency
Joel Chetzroni - CEO at Multilearning Group Inc.
Richard Mitha - Co-Founder at MyQaa

21 Nov 2013, 13:30 - 15:00 Conference Room 5.1
Network with the FRESH crowd at the FRESH dinner

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